Frequently Asked Questions about Bulk SMS:

[accordion title=”1. What is bulk sms or bulk messaging?” is_open=”no”]Bulk Messaging is the delivery of large numbers of SMS messages to mobile handsets. It is used by various enterprises for a variety of purposes including mobile marketing and important notifications. Bulk SMS is commonly used for service renewal reminders, offers & discounts, event reminders, festival wishes, and important alerts, etc. See Applications for more information.[/accordion]
[accordion title=”2. How many messages can I send at a time?” is_open=”no”]You can send 1, 1000, 100000, or any number of messages at a time.[/accordion]
[accordion title=”3. Can I send national sms?” is_open=”no”]You can send both local and national sms (within India). There are no additional charges for national sms.[/accordion]
[accordion title=”4. What is the maximum text length allowed?” is_open=”no”]The message length allowed for 1 credit message is 160 characters. If the text length exceeds 160 characters then the message consumes 2 or more credits. The character length for 2 messages is 306, for 3 messages is 459, for 4 messages is 612, and for 5 messages is 724.[/accordion]
[accordion title=”5. What are sms credits?” is_open=”no”]SMS credits are the currency you need to purchase to send messages. A message with 160 characters consumes 1 credit. It consumes more than 1 credit if message length is more than 160 characters.[/accordion]
[accordion title=”6. How do I check my sms credit balance?” is_open=”no”]Credit balance can be seen from your control panel after you login to your account.[/accordion]
[accordion title=”7. How messages deliver if the same consumes more than 1 credit?” is_open=”no”]It delivers as a single SMS irrespective of credit count.[/accordion]
[accordion title=”8. Do my business/organization need bulk sms service?” is_open=”no”]Many hundreds of industries and enterprises are benefiting of Bulk SMS. Visit Applications page for details.[/accordion]
[accordion title=”9. Do I need to install software to send messages?” is_open=”no”]Airfastsms.com provides online interface and Excel Plugin. A computer/laptop/smart phone with internet connection is necessary to send messages. Software installation is not required if you use online interface to send messages. Excel Plugin installation is required if you want to use Excel to send messages.[/accordion]
[accordion title=”10. How do I send messages?” is_open=”no”]Login to the account, compose a message, enter/upload mobile numbers, and click on Send button to start delivering messages. You will receive a secured account with the login URL, username, and password when you order a bulk sms package or request a FREE Demo Account from Airfastsms.com.[/accordion]
[accordion title=”11. Do AIRFASTSMS.com adds any text in our message?” is_open=”no”]AIRFASTSMS.com doesn’t add any text in your message.[/accordion]
[accordion title=”12. What are the features of your bulk sms packages?” is_open=”no”]Visit Features page for details.[/accordion]
[accordion title=”13. Is it possible to test the service of AIRFASTSMS.com before purchasing?” is_open=”no”]Yes. Please register for a FREE Demo Account. One of the AIRFASTSMS.com officers helps you with the demo account. AIRFASTSMS.com offers fully functional demo account.[/accordion]
[accordion title=”14. How do I manage my contacts?” is_open=”no”]You can create and manage groups for contacts management.[/accordion]
[accordion title=”15. Can I schedule messages for later date and time?” is_open=”no”]Yes.[/accordion]
[accordion title=”16. What is a Sender ID?” is_open=”no”]The recipients receive messages with a title (or Header) and content. The title looks like LM-060000 or DM-SMSIND. This is called as Sender ID.[/accordion]
[accordion title=”17. Can I choose my Sender ID?” is_open=”no”]You can select your company name or brand name (6 characters) like TD-AIRFST as your sender id in case of transactional messages. In case of promotional messages you cannot choose your id and messages deliver with the id similar to LM-060000.[/accordion]
[accordion title=”18. Is it possible to integrate bulk sms into our software?” is_open=”no”]Yes. We provide HTTP APIs which can be used in your application/software.[/accordion]
[accordion title=”19. How do I confirm the message delivery?” is_open=”no”]You can view and download detailed message delivery reports from your control panel.[/accordion]
[accordion title=”20. How much time does it take to deliver a message?” is_open=”no”]Messages start delivering immediately after you click on Send or Submit button.[/accordion]
[accordion title=”21. What is the validity of my account?” is_open=”no”]Every account comes with 1 year validity.[/accordion]
[accordion title=”22. What is a DND registered number?” is_open=”no”]DND (Do Not Disturb) registered numbers are those numbers registered under NCPR (National Customer Preference Register) not to receive any commercial call or message.[/accordion]
[accordion title=”23. Do messages deliver to DND (Do Not Disturb) numbers?” is_open=”no”]It depends on the intended purpose of use. Visit Order Now page for details.[/accordion]
[accordion title=”24. Do AIRFASTSMS.com allows sending commercial call or messages to DND registered numbers?” is_open=”no”]No. As per the TRAI regulations, commercial calls, or messages deliver to only Non-DND numbers.[/accordion]
[accordion title=”25. What are the differences between promotional and transactional messages?” is_open=”no”]Promotional Messages[/accordion]
[accordion title=”26. How to get 6 letter alphabetical sender id for promotional messages?” is_open=”no”]You can avail the same through transaction Non-DND account….[/accordion]
[accordion title=”27. Which file formats are supported to upload numbers to send Bulk SMS?” is_open=”no”]Upload a .txt (Notepad), .xls (MS Excel), or .csv (Character Separated Values) file….[/accordion]
[accordion title=”28. What is the difference between .xls and .csv file?” is_open=”no”]XLS files consume more memory size compared to CSV files when data entered one below one in a single column. Due to their small memory size CSV files can be uploaded and downloaded much faster than XLS files.
XLS is an MS Excel workbook binary file, which holds information about all the worksheets in a workbook. CSV files hold plain text as a series of values (cells) separated by commas (,) in a series of lines (rows).
XLS files can only read by applications that have been especially written to read their format, and can only be written in the same way. CSV file can be opened in a text editor.[/accordion]
[accordion title=”29. Can I send non-English (Unicode/Indian Language) message?” is_open=”no”]
Yes. Hindi, Kannada, Telugu, Tamil, Gujrathi, Marathi, Malayalam, Oriya, Punjabi, Urdu, Sanskrit, and Bengali messages deliver through AIRFAST.com messaging platform. Every message consumes 70 characters/credit in unicode messaging.[/accordion]
[accordion title=”30. What happens on recharge?” is_open=”no”]When you recharge (buy credits for the existing account) the newly bought credits will be added to the balance credits along with one year validity.[/accordion]
[accordion title=”31. What is an Order Form?” is_open=”no”]Order Form is a document provided by AIRFASTSMS.com during purchase where customer sends it back duly filled. The customer has to provide the details like Name, Address, Contact Number, Package, and Payment Transaction Details required for invoice generation and account activation.[/accordion]
[accordion title=”32. How much discount does AIRFASTSMS.com offers on package prices?” is_open=”no”]AIRFASTSMS.com offers excellent services at best prices. The prices include service tax, one year validity, online, email, and phone support.[/accordion]
[accordion title=”33. Are there any hidden charges?” is_open=”no”]BulkSMS1.com packages don’t have any hidden fees. Transaction charges may apply based on the payment mode (Bank charges in case of cash deposit and transaction fees in case of credit/debit card payment).[/accordion]
[accordion title=”34. How AIRFASTSMS.com comes to know about the depositor of the amount?” is_open=”no”]AIRFASTSMS.com always expects the respective payment transaction document’s soft copy from the amount depositor along with the order form. Respective documents include scanned copy of challen, fund transfer successful transaction id, cheque number, credit/debit card transaction number, etc.[/accordion]
[accordion title=”35. I am in Delhi. Do you provide your services in Delhi?” is_open=”no”]Yes. We serve clients from all parts of India.[/accordion]
[accordion title=”36. What is AIRFASTSMS.com working hours?” is_open=”no”]9 am to 7 pm on all business days.[/accordion]
[accordion title=”37. Do AIRFASTSMS.com send any sales executives to customer’s office?” is_open=”no”]The complete process including demo account, account activation, pre-sales & after-sales support, business proposal, and invoice happens over online, email, and phone. The message sending process is much similar to sending a message from your mobile phone.[/accordion]
[accordion title=”38. How do you support your customers?” is_open=”no”]We provide support via phone, email, and remote screen sharing (if necessary).[/accordion]
[accordion title=”39. How much does it cost per sms?” is_open=”no”]It depends on the package and volume you choose. Visit Order Now page for details.[/accordion]
[accordion title=”40. How do I buy bulk sms packs from AIRFASTSMS.com?” is_open=”no”]Contact AIRFASTSMS.com or request a FREE Bulk SMS Demo Account. One of the officers will get back to you with the ordering information.[/accordion]
[accordion title=”41. How do I pay for the packages?” is_open=”no”]Visit Order Now page for payment options.[/accordion]
[accordion title=”42. Can I partner with AIRFASTSMS.com?” is_open=”no”]Yes. You can resell our sms solutions.[/accordion]
[accordion title=”43. What other services do you offer?” is_open=”no”]Visit Relevant Services page for details.[/accordion]


Frequently Asked Questions about Bulk Voice Calls:

[accordion title=”1. What is a Bulk Voice Call?” is_open=”no”]Outbound Call Service or Voice Broadcasting is a mass communication technique that broadcasts pre-recorded voice messages to hundreds or thousands of telephone recipients at once.[/accordion]
[accordion title=”2. How to do Bulk Voice Call campaign?” is_open=”no”]AIRFASTSMS.com provides the online interface to initiate bulk voice calls.[/accordion]
[accordion title=”3. How to record a voice?” is_open=”no”]Voice can be recorded using mobile handset, laptop, computer system, etc.[/accordion]
[accordion title=”4. What is the required format for a sound file?” is_open=”no”]AIRFASTSMS.com supports .wav audio files.[/accordion]
[accordion title=”5. How to convert audio file to a .wav format?” is_open=”no”]Use desktop application or online sound editors to convert voice clips to .wav format files.[/accordion]
[accordion title=”6. What should be the size of a sound file?” is_open=”no”]AIRFASTSMS.com supports up to 2 MB .wav audio files.[/accordion]
[accordion title=”7. How bulk voice call credits measured?” is_open=”no”]Every 30 seconds consume 1 credit. 1 second for connecting the call and 1 second for disconnecting is consumed. So, under 28 seconds sound can be played using 1 credit.[/accordion]
[accordion title=”8. Do you charge for all the uploaded numbers?” is_open=”no”]No. AIRFASTSMS.com’s interface deducts credits for only connected calls.[/accordion]
[accordion title=”9. How to send the voice calls to DND numbers?” is_open=”no”]As per the TRAI regulations, calls deliver only on non-DND numbers.[/accordion]
[accordion title=”10. What is a caller id?” is_open=”no”]Caller Id/number is the number displayed on the receiver’s phone. Caller Id is a tele-marketing registered number which starts from 011/012/013/014 etc., AIRFASTSMS.com uses only those ids.[/accordion]
[accordion title=”11. How to schedule a bulk voice call campaign?” is_open=”no”]AIRFASTSMS.com’s voice call interface supports the campaign scheduling feature. Scheduling time should be within 9 am and 9 pm.[/accordion]
[accordion title=”12. How to upload the contact numbers?” is_open=”no”]Upload a .csv file with the numbers listed one below one can to send bulk voice calls.[/accordion]
[accordion title=”13. What is the voice call delivery time?” is_open=”no”]Voice call delivery starts immediately after submission.[/accordion]
[accordion title=”14. How to integrate voice call with AIRFASTSMS.com?” is_open=”no”]AIRFASTSMS.com provides the API to integrate bulk voice call with the application.[/accordion]
[accordion title=”15. How to know the status of call delivery?” is_open=”no”]
You can download a detailed voice call delivery report from AIRFASTSMS.com’s interface.[/accordion]
[accordion title=”16. What are the details we get in the call delivery report?” is_open=”no”]AIRFASTSMS.com provides the below details in a voice call delivery report.[/accordion]

Frequently Asked Questions about Bulk Emails:

[accordion title=”What is Crux Mailer?” is_open=”no”]Crux Mailer is a web based email marketing software integrated with our own dedicated SMTP server that specially maintained to send bulk emails. As we are providing both Bulk Email Software and SMTP server you don’t need to worry about any other thinks, you can just purchase the suitable email marketing package and can start sending your first email marketing campaign in minutes.[/accordion]
[accordion title=”What is the difference between Bulk Email Software and SMTP Server?” is_open=”no”]
Its very important that you need to know how the emails are working before you start sending bulk emails. To send an Email you need two thinks, first one is the bulk email software and second one is the SMTP server. [/accordion]
[accordion title=”What is Web Based Software?” is_open=”no”]
Web based software means that’s hosted in a web server and you can use it with your web browsers like Firefox, Internet Explorer, Google Chrome etc… Its similar to your Yahoo or Gmail account. The main advantage of web based software is you don’t need to install it in every PC you are using, you can access it from any where in the world with your user name and password.[/accordion]
[accordion title=”What is the Advantage of Web Based Bulk Email Marketing Software?” is_open=”no”]
You don’t need to install it in every PC you are using; you can access it from any where in the world with your user name and password. Its similar to your Yahoo or Gmail account.[/accordion]
[accordion title=”Can I use my present email ID as from ID?” is_open=”no”]
Sure, you can use your present email ID as from ID and you will get all replays to the same ID only.[/accordion]
[accordion title=”Can I Send Bulk Emails without SMTP Server?” is_open=”no”]
SMTP Server is the origin of all emails, to send bulk emails properly you need to hire a dedicated SMTP server that support bulk emails, all other methods are just wasting of money and time.[/accordion]
[accordion title=”Can I use your SMTP Server with some other bulk email software?” is_open=”no”]
Sure, you can use our SMTP server with other bulk email marketing software or any email sending clients. For that you need to provide us a domain name (you can point an existing domain to our server or you can register a new domain with us) and you need to hire the unlimited dedicated SMTP server from us.[/accordion]
[accordion title=”Can I use your SMTP Server with some other bulk email software?” is_open=”no”]Sure, you can use our SMTP server with other bulk email marketing software or any email sending clients. For that you need to provide us a domain name (you can point an existing domain to our server or you can register a new domain with us) and you need to hire the unlimited dedicated SMTP server from us.[/accordion]
[accordion title=”Can you offer us an Unlimited Sending Option?” is_open=”no”]Yes, we can provide you unlimited bulk email package. We are offering this service for corporate companies and genuine email senders; we are providing dedicated servers and IPs for these type clients[/accordion]
[accordion title=”Why I need to use Bulk Mailing Software to send mails?” is_open=”no”]Only professionally developed email marketing software can help you to create, send, analyze and manage large volume of emails and contacts. Our bulk email software has features like automatic bounce email processing, advance email open / click reporting, Advanced HTML Email Editor, 100 of Free Build in Email templates, Email ID import facility from Excel, Powerful Bulk Email personalization, Free Image Storage, Spam Checker, advanced email list management, Bulk Email Campaign scheduling etc…[/accordion]
[accordion title=”What support options are offered?” is_open=”no”]We are offering lifetime free telephone, email and chat support for all our customers. We are also providing a video tutorial for self learning, as it’s a very user-friendly software anyone with a basic computer and internet knowledge can easily understand and use the software after watching our 10 minute video tutorial.[/accordion]
[accordion title=”I represent a corporate company or marketing company and would like to use the software in my own brand, how can I do that?” is_open=”no”]We are proving white labeling or re-branding solution for corporate companies and re sellers at an additional cost, to know more about this please write to us at sales@airfastsms.com[/accordion]
[accordion title=”Can you manage all our email marketing activities for our company?” is_open=”no”]Sure, you can outsource all the activities related to your email marketing to us, we have a dedicated tem for providing the complete solutions for you. You can monitor the results and reports from the same software we are used for your campaigns. To get more details and costing, please write to us on sales@airfastsms.com[/accordion]
[accordion title=”Can I Import Data from Excel to your email marketing software?” is_open=”no”]With our bulk email software you can import more than 100000 contacts in 10 minutes time, you can import data from excel files or from any other database in CSV format[/accordion]
[accordion title=”How can manage wrong / bounced email IDs in your Email Marketing Software?” is_open=”no”]No need to worry about wrong email IDs in your list, You will get a detailed bounce report with soft and hard bounce separation, our bulk email software automatically remove all hard bounced emails from your email list and you can remove soft bounces as per your interest .[/accordion]
[accordion title=”How Much Bulk Emails can I send per day?” is_open=”no”]Our software is capable to send more than 200000 email per day from one account. If you want to send more you can use multiple accounts for the purpose.[/accordion]
[accordion title=”Am I needed to wait till email process complete?” is_open=”no”]No, you can logout from the software and shutdown your PC once the mailing process started, you can again login to the email marketing software and can view the email progress or the reports.[/accordion]

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